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11 Sep 2019 03:39

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Spine, a complex but well engineered structure in humans is one of most important parts of the human body. Imagining a life without a spine is impossible, as it is that part of the body which supports the movements like standing up, bending down and others. Without a spine, we would be crawling on the floor like other animals.

Supporting us to stand erect and perform the movements, the spine plays an important role. However, modern day living. which involves long sitting hours at work, excessive traveling, over exertion due to excessive bending and also very little physical exercises, can affect our spine causing different problems. The slightest trouble caused to the spine can create severe problems which may lead to backaches or even restricted movements that call for medical intervention which increases the need of advanced spine surgery centers.

Spine, a very important part of our central nervous system, is housed in the spinal canal. It communicates the messages from the brain to all parts of the body. Made of many vertebrae, they are separated from each other by the discs which have a soft jelly like substance. These substances in the center of the discs act as shock absorbers and absorb the impact caused by the movements.

The Human Spine is Divided Into Three Regions

Some of the common problems of the spine are Disc Herniation (slip disc). It is a problem of the spine in which the soft jelly like substance from the centre of the disc protrudes out from its place causing severe pain in the back which may cause interference in the movements. Spina bifida, spinal tumor, infections of spine, cervical spondlylosis, osteoporosis, syringomyelia and others are some of the spinal injuries commonly found.

Symptoms of Spinal Injuries

Symptoms of spinal injuries greatly depend upon the location of the injury. Any injury in the cervical region causes problems in the head and neck region while injury in the thoracic region causes trouble in hands and the abdomen region. Any disturbance to lumbar region can cause pain and other symptoms in the lower back and legs region. Common symptoms of spinal injury are loss of sensation and reflex function, difficulty in breathing, paralysis, loss of bowel and bladder control, severe back pain, muscle spasm, sensitivity to stimuli, loss of mobility and others.

Slightest disturbance to the spine which causes severe problems can be treated both by surgical and non-surgical procedures. Non-surgical procedures usually involve plenty of rest along with medication and some specific exercises. However, depending upon the magnitude of the problem, some cases may need surgical intervention.

As the spine is one of the delicate and most important organs, any treatment involving spine must be performed by highly skilled and qualified surgeon like at site. Surgical procedures are usually accompanied by extensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy which helps one to get back to the normal life as early as possible. With advancement in this field of medicine, minimal invasive surgeries have become a boon which leads to early recovery and also are economical.

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